Himachal Pradesh de-notifies government schools, which results in closure due to administrative issues and low enrollment

 The Himachal Pradesh government has chosen to de-notify 90 middle, higher, and senior secondary government schools due to administrative issues and insufficient enrollment. This includes 20 middle schools with less than 15 pupils, 34 high schools with fewer than 20 students, and 36 senior-secondary institutions with fewer than 25 students, according to a notification that was sent.

Himachal Pradesh School

According to Rohit Thakur, minister of education, a certain procedure would be followed while closing institutions and colleges. Schools that have less than 10 pupils in kindergarten through third grade, 15 students in middle school, 25 students in high school, and 65 or fewer in universities will be closed.

Prior to this, 286 elementary and middle schools with no students enrolled were similarly de-notified. The leaders of the opposition BJP have expressed their disapproval of this decision, saying that the Congress administration is disabling institutions set up for the benefit of the public.

The ruling party has responded by claiming that various government institutions were created near the conclusion of the BJP government's term with insufficient funding and employees in order to win over voters.