English Poem for Class 3 | 15 English Poem for Class 3


Find a lovely selection of English poetry for third-grade kids. Encourage young people's love of language and creativity by enticing them with poetry.

Colors of the Rainbow

Red, orange, yellow, green,

The brightest colors ever seen.

Blue and indigo, violet too,

A rainbow shining, just for you.

Red like a fire burning bright,

Orange like the sunset's light.

Yellow like a sunny day,

Green like grass where children play.

Blue like the sky so high above,

Indigo like a bluebird's love.

Violet like flowers in a field,

A rainbow's beauty now revealed.

So let's remember, one and all,

The colors of the rainbow, standing tall.

A vibrant arc, a colorful delight,

Bringing joy and wonder, shining bright.

Let's celebrate the colors we see,

And cherish the beauty that they bring.

For in a world so big and wide,

Colors are nature's loving guide.

The Little Seed

Once there was a tiny seed,

Buried deep within the ground,

With a little water and sunlight,

A wondrous journey would be found.

The raindrops fell, the sun did shine,

The seed awakened from its sleep,

It grew roots deep into the soil,

As it reached for the sky so steep.

The stem grew tall, the leaves unfurled,

A bud appeared, so small and tight,

Slowly it bloomed into a flower,

Colors vibrant, petals shining bright.

The little seed had grown so much,

From a tiny speck to something grand,

Nature's miracle, a symbol of life,

In this vast and wondrous land.

So remember, my dear little friends,

Like the seed, you have the power to grow,

With determination and love,

Your dreams and talents will surely show.

The Seasons

Spring, summer, autumn, winter,

Four seasons in a year,

Each one brings its special gifts,

For us to see and hear.

In spring, the flowers start to bloom,

The trees are fresh and green,

Birds return from their long trip,

Their songs a joyful scene.

Summer brings the sunny days,

With warmth and longer light,

We play outside and have such fun,

From morning until night.

Autumn comes with falling leaves,

In red, orange, and gold,

We gather them in piles so high,

Jumping, as we've been told.

Winter brings the snowy days,

With frost and chilly air,

We build snowmen and have snowball fights,

With laughter everywhere.

So let's embrace each changing season,

And all the beauty they bring,

Nature's cycle, year after year,

A wondrous, ever-changing thing.

My Favorite Toy

In my room, I have a toy,

It brings me so much joy,

With bright colors and a friendly face,

It's my favorite, in any case.

It's a teddy bear, big and cuddly,

Soft and huggable, not at all muddy,

We have adventures, just me and him,

Through imaginary lands, so full of vim.

We go on journeys far and wide,

With my teddy bear right by my side,

We explore forests and sail the seas,

With laughter and giggles, oh how we tease!

When I'm sad, my bear is there,

To comfort me and show he cares,

A loyal friend, through thick and thin,

My favorite toy, my special kin.

So, in my room, my teddy stays,

For all my childhood's happy days,

With love and laughter, we will employ,

The endless joy of my favorite toy.

The Rainbow's Promise

After the rain, when the skies are clear,

Something magical starts to appear,

Up in the sky, so high and wide,

A colorful arc, with colors side by side.

It's the rainbow, oh so grand,

Stretching across the land,

With red, orange, yellow, and green,

The most beautiful colors ever seen.

Blue and indigo, and violet too,

A breathtaking sight, it's oh so true,

The rainbow's promise fills the air,

A symbol of hope, beyond compare.

Each color holds a special meaning,

Red for courage, and love's sweet feeling,

Orange for joy, and warmth so bright,

Yellow for sunshine, a golden light.

Green for nature, and growth anew,

Blue for peace, and skies so true,

Indigo for wisdom, and dreams that soar,

Violet for creativity, and so much more.

So, when you see a rainbow high,

Remember its promise, reach for the sky,

Embrace the colors, let hope arise,

The rainbow's magic, before your eyes.

The Magic of Books

In a world of wonder, where stories come alive,

There's a magical place where imaginations thrive,

It's the world of books, where adventures begin,

Open the pages, let the journey within.

With a book in hand, you can travel far and wide,

To enchanted lands where dreams reside,

You can meet heroes and heroines bold,

In tales of bravery and legends untold.

From fairy tales with castles and knights,

To mysteries that keep you up at night,

There are stories of friendship and love so true,

And lessons to learn, just for me and you.

With each turn of the page, a new world unfolds,

Where characters come alive, their stories untold,

You can laugh and cry, feel excitement and fear,

As the words on the pages make everything clear.

So let's dive into books, with wonder and delight,

Let our imaginations take flight,

For in the magic of books, we can truly see,

The power of words, and what they can be.

The Mighty Ocean

Oh, the mighty ocean, vast and wide,

With waves that crash and tides that glide,

Sparkling waters, a shimmering blue,

Holding secrets and adventures anew.

The salty breeze, a soothing embrace,

As seagulls soar in open space,

Sandy shores where children play,

Building castles, day by day.

Beneath the waves, a world unknown,

Coral reefs and creatures to be shown,

Colorful fish in a rainbow array,

Dancing and swimming, in a playful display.

The ocean's rhythm, a gentle song,

As waves roll in, and waves roll along,

The ebb and flow, a mesmerizing tune,

Connecting us all, from sun to moon.

But let us remember, with utmost care,

To protect the ocean, for it's truly rare,

For all its beauty and wonders untold,

Preserve its treasures, for young and old.

So, let's cherish the ocean, with all our might,

Keep it clean, shining in its full might,

For in its embrace, we find peace and glee,

The mighty ocean, forever wild and free.

The Magical Forest

In a forest enchanted, where dreams come alive,

Lies a world of wonders, where adventures thrive,

Tall trees reach for the sky, their branches so high,

With leaves whispering secrets, as the wind passes by.

Step into the forest, with cautious delight,

For magical creatures may come into sight,

Fairies with wings, sparkling and bright,

Gnomes and elves, hidden from plain sight.

The sunlight filters through the green canopy,

Creating a dance of shadows, a symphony,

Birds sing melodies, a sweet lullaby,

As butterflies flutter, gracefully passing by.

Follow the winding path, lined with ferns and moss,

Discover hidden treasures, a world without loss,

Wildflowers bloom in a rainbow of hues,

Their fragrant perfume, a gift you can choose.

Listen carefully, and you may just hear,

The whispers of the forest, so gentle and near,

The rustling of leaves, like a secret shared,

The harmony of nature, in the stillness bared.

In this magical forest, let your imagination soar,

Create stories and adventures, forevermore,

For within its embrace, dreams come alive,

In the enchanting realm where wonders thrive.

The Dancing Raindrops

When the sky is gray and clouds hang low,

Raindrops start to fall, ever so slow,

They dance from the sky, one by one,

Creating a symphony, a rhythm so fun.

Tap, tap, tap, on the rooftops they play,

Creating melodies, as they find their way,

Pitter-patter, on the leaves they dance,

Creating a magical, watery trance.

Jump in puddles, splash and twirl,

Feel the joy as raindrops unfurl,

With rubber boots and a colorful coat,

Embrace the rain, don't miss a note.

Look up high, see the rainbow's smile,

As rain and sunlight merge in style,

Colors arching across the sky,

A breathtaking sight, oh my!

So when raindrops fall, don't be dismayed,

Join in the dance, let joy cascade,

For in the rain, there's magic to find,

A symphony of raindrops, one of a kind.

The Mighty Tree

In the meadow, so grand and green,

Stands a mighty tree, tall and serene,

With branches reaching to the sky,

A home for birds that love to fly.

Its trunk is strong, as sturdy as can be,

A symbol of strength for you and me,

With bark that's rough and textures unique,

It's a shelter for creatures, so to speak.

Leaves whisper secrets, as the wind blows by,

Rustling melodies, under the blue sky,

In shades of green, they dance and sway,

A symphony of nature, throughout the day.

The tree stands tall, in rain or shine,

Roots deep in the ground, a lifeline,

It provides shade on a sunny day,

A place to rest, where children play.

In autumn, leaves turn gold and red,

A breathtaking sight, as they softly spread,

And in winter, branches may be bare,

Yet the tree remains strong, beyond compare.

So let's admire the mighty tree,

A symbol of nature's grand decree,

A reminder of strength and harmony,

In this world, for all to see.

The Starry Night

Look up at the sky, so dark and deep,

Where countless stars their vigil keep,

Twinkling lights, oh, what a sight,

A canvas of dreams, the starry night.

Each little star, a distant sun,

Shining brightly, one by one,

They sparkle and shimmer, far away,

Guiding us through the night and day.

Constellations tell stories old,

Of heroes brave and legends untold,

Connect the dots, see them come alive,

A celestial map, where stories thrive.

The moon, a gentle, glowing sphere,

Casting its light, so pure and clear,

A silver crescent or a full round,

Lighting up the Earth, without a sound.

On a clear night, gaze at the sky,

Marvel at the stars, so high,

Make a wish upon a shooting star,

Let your dreams soar, near or far.

For in the starry night, there's magic untold,

A universe vast, waiting to unfold,

So, keep looking up, with awe and delight,

Embrace the wonder of the starry night.

The Busy Bee

In a garden filled with flowers bright,

Buzzes a bee, a busy little sprite,

With wings that flutter, so quick and fast,

Collecting nectar, from flowers vast.

From bloom to bloom, it joyfully flies,

Gathering sweet nectar, a precious prize,

With stripes of black and yellow hue,

It works so hard, the whole day through.

Buzz, buzz, buzz, the bee's happy hum,

As it gathers pollen, sticky and glum,

It helps the flowers, in a special way,

By spreading pollen, day after day.

In the hive, it returns with its treasure,

Working together, a buzzing pleasure,

Building honeycombs, so neat and clean,

A bustling home, like you've never seen.

Sweet honey is made, a golden delight,

Food for the hive, so rich and bright,

The busy bee, a friend to us all,

A tiny creature, yet so vital and small.

So let's appreciate the busy bee,

In gardens and fields, where it's free,

For its hard work, both day and night,

Brings beauty and sweetness, in every flight.

The Magic of Friendship

In this world, so big and wide,

There's a special bond we cannot hide,

It's the magic of friendship, strong and true,

A treasure that shines in me and you.

Friends are there through thick and thin,

With a helping hand, they'll always win,

They listen and care, lend an open ear,

With friends by our side, there's nothing to fear.

In times of joy, they share our glee,

With laughter and smiles, so wild and free,

They celebrate our victories, big and small,

Cheering us on, giving it their all.

In moments of sadness, they offer a shoulder,

A comforting hug as the world grows colder,

They wipe our tears, bring warmth and light,

Friends make everything seem so right.

Together we play, and together we explore,

Creating memories we'll cherish forevermore,

In parks and playgrounds, side by side,

With friends, there's always a thrilling ride.

So let's treasure our friends, oh so dear,

For their love and support, always near,

In this journey of life, hand in hand,

The magic of friendship will forever stand.

The Joy of Imagination

Close your eyes and let your mind roam,

Into a world where dreams find a home,

Imagination is the key, open the door,

To a realm of wonders, where you can explore.

In your mind's eye, picture a place,

Full of magic and beauty, at its own pace,

Unicorns galloping through meadows green,

Fairies dancing, a magnificent scene.

Imagine soaring high above the clouds,

Like a bird, freely flying in crowds,

Feel the wind against your face,

As you journey through outer space.

Create stories of heroes brave and strong,

Facing challenges, righting every wrong,

Invent characters, both big and small,

Giving them life, one and all.

Let your imagination run wild and free,

A world of endless possibilities you'll see,

Through words and art, let your ideas flow,

As your imagination continues to grow.

For in the realm of imagination's delight,

There are no limits, day or night,

So embrace the joy that it brings,

And let your imagination spread its wings.

The Gift of Kindness

In this world, both big and wide,

There's a gift that fills us up inside,

It's the gift of kindness, pure and true,

A treasure we can all give and pursue.

A kind word spoken, a gentle smile,

Can go a long way, and travel miles,

It brightens someone's gloomy day,

And helps them find their own sweet way.

A helping hand offered, a caring heart,

Can heal wounds and mend any part,

It shows compassion, a selfless act,

Bringing warmth and love, that's a fact.

Kindness spreads like ripples on a lake,

Touching lives, making a difference, for goodness' sake,

It creates a chain reaction, far and wide,

Inspiring others, turning the tide.

Small acts of kindness, big or small,

Can make the world a better place for all,

Whether it's lending a listening ear,

Or offering support, wiping away a tear.

So let's embrace the gift of kindness each day,

In every word and action, along our way,

For with kindness, we can make hearts bloom,

Creating a world filled with love, not gloom.