Essay on Friends and Friendship


Essay on Friends and Friendship

"Good friends fill our hearts with a song,

Our life with dreams

And our days with,

Happiness lifelong..."

Who does not value friendship? Perhaps everyone yearns for good friends, who are the anchor of one's life. Good friends enrich lives, making them richer and more meaningful.

Good friends multiply joys and divide sorrows. True friends grow better and closer with time.

How should one gauge, who is a true friend? Fair-weather friends, who stand by you in prosperity, cannot be called true friends. If your life takes a turn for the worst, the faces that generally beam at you in good time, will change countenance or even disappear. Someone has very aptly remarked, "Good fortune makes friends and adversity tries them." Many seek friends with an ulterior motive. They become your friends because they need you at a particular time or for a particular purpose. Such people are too clever to be real friends, and the moment their need is fulfilled, they abandon you.

One must choose friends j├║diciously. A true friend is one who not only adds to the joy ¡ and charm of life but also reduces life's worries. A true friend is not opportunistic. A true friend stands by you in good and bad times alike. It is preferable to be alone and friendless rather than be surrounded by a crowd of friends who do not mean well. A true friend doesn't necessarily wax eloquent over one's irtues. He never hesitates to point out one's drawbacks. He holds a mirror to one's true self so that One can weed out the ills of one's character. He is your alter ego! However, friends are an indispensable part of one's life. Friendship is a rare gift that helps one fulfillment in another. Fortunate is a man who has good friend. One must hold these tried and tested friends to one's heart with 'hoops of steel'.