Strategic Partnership to Foster Cutting-Edge Technologies for Industrial Revolution 4.0

 According to Vineet Vats, Vice-Chairman of VIPS-TC, "the goal of this partnership is to foster the development of students in cutting-edge technologies to meet the needs of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 globally."

Industrial Revolution 4.0

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was recently signed between the Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies Technical Campus (VIPS-TC) and the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar (IIT-Gandhinagar). By focusing on innovation, academic quality, and research collaboration in the field of information technology and allied fields, this collaboration intends to create a strategic alliance.

The schools will launch Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral programs at VIPS-TC as part of this partnership. In addition, they will start internship programs, initiatives for specialized training, assistance for teachers, advice for infrastructure development, and collaboratively plan seminars, conferences, and workshops on topics of interest.

Experts believe that this collaboration will create and facilitate chances for academic staff and students from both schools to work together on cutting-edge technology developments and address new difficulties in the IT industry. According to Vineet Vats, Vice-Chairman of VIPS-TC, the main objective is to cultivate students in cutting-edge technologies to satisfy the worldwide requirements of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

The VIPS-TC students, VIPS institute, IIT-Gandhinagar, and society at large will all gain from this MoU, according to Prof. Rajat Moona, Director of IIT Gandhinagar. We put the welfare of the pupils first. Beyond raising educational standards and allowing teachers and students to intern at IIT Gandhinagar, the MoU's reach goes far further. Additionally, it includes providing VIPS-TC students with a semester-long program while they are guests at IIT Gandhinagar. The academic bank of credits, which is managed by the NeGD of the Ministry of IT in accordance with NEP 2020 and serves as a single depository for credit transfers between institutions, facilitates the implementation of this mixed mode of education.