NEP Sarathi: Empowering Students as Ambassadors of Educational Transformation

 The University Grants Commission (UGC) has recently introduced a new initiative called NEP Sarathi, with the goal of actively involving students in the implementation of the National Education Policy 2020. These students, known as NEP Chariots, will be selected from various Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). In order to facilitate this process, the UGC has requested Vice-Chancellors, Directors, and Principals of HEIs to nominate three students from their respective institutions to serve as NEP Chariots.

The UGC has announced a dynamic scheme called "Student Ambassadors for Academic Reforms in Transforming Higher Education Scheme NEP Sarathi Scheme in India." This initiative aims to engage students and raise awareness about the various reforms within the higher education system.

Recognizing the significance of student participation in the transformative process of NEP 2020, UGC Chairman M. Jagadesh Kumar emphasizes that students play a crucial role in the education system. Student involvement and commitment are vital for the successful implementation of any education system. NEP Sarathi seeks to create an environment where students can actively contribute and effectively utilize the provisions of NEP 2020.

As part of the NEP SARATHI scheme, Vice-Chancellors, Directors, and Principals of HEIs have been requested to nominate three students from their institutions who possess outstanding personality traits, excellent communication skills, organizational ability, creativity, a sense of responsibility, and leadership qualities. The scheme's information brochure provides detailed information on roles, responsibilities, and eligibility criteria. The primary objectives of NEP Sarathi include raising awareness among students about the initiatives of NEP 2020, encouraging active participation, and establishing a feedback mechanism to address student concerns.

Each HEI can enroll a maximum of three students for the NEP Sarathi program. Along with the nominations, a brief justification for their selection is required. From the received nominations, the UGC will select 300 NEP Sarathi Ambassadors. The selected students will be announced in July 2023 and will receive a Certificate of Recognition from the UGC, as well as an opportunity to contribute to UGC's online programs and newsletters.

The NEP Sarathi program offers an array of benefits and opportunities for the selected NEP Chariots. These student ambassadors will not only gain recognition but also have a chance to actively engage with the UGC and contribute to shaping the future of higher education in India. As ambassadors, they will be involved in various activities aimed at disseminating information about NEP 2020 and its reforms, both within their institutions and across the wider student community.

One of the key responsibilities of the NEP Chariots will be to organize awareness campaigns and events within their respective institutions. They will have the opportunity to interact with students, faculty members, and administrative staff to address any queries or concerns related to NEP 2020. The ambassadors will serve as a bridge between the UGC and the student community, facilitating effective communication and ensuring that student voices are heard and taken into account during the implementation process.

Additionally, the selected students will have the chance to contribute to the development of online programs and newsletters initiated by the UGC. This platform will allow them to showcase their creativity, leadership skills, and organizational abilities, thereby gaining valuable practical experience and enhancing their overall personal and professional growth. Moreover, the Certificate of Recognition awarded by the UGC will serve as a testament to their exceptional contributions and commitment to the betterment of higher education in India.

The NEP Sarathi program not only recognizes the importance of student involvement but also empowers them to actively participate in shaping their own educational landscape. Through this initiative, the UGC aims to foster a culture of inclusivity, collaboration, and innovation within higher education institutions. By engaging students as key stakeholders, the UGC hopes to create an educational ecosystem that caters to the diverse needs and aspirations of learners, while also equipping them with the skills and knowledge required for a rapidly evolving global landscape.

In conclusion, the NEP Sarathi initiative by the UGC presents a unique opportunity for students to become ambassadors of change in the implementation of NEP 2020. Through their active participation, the selected NEP Chariots will contribute to raising awareness, addressing concerns, and facilitating a smooth transition towards a more holistic and student-centric higher education system in India.