IIT Madras Establishes 15 Centres of Excellence as Part of IoE Scheme to Drive Advanced Research

  The IoE Scheme, an endeavor to help Higher Educational Institutions grow into internationally renowned centers for instruction and research, chose IIT Madras as its 2019 recipient.

IIT Madras

The creation of 15 Centers of Excellence (CoE) under the "Institute of Eminence" (IoE) Scheme was announced by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras on May 24. To commemorate the opening of these centers, the campus held a special celebration.

These centers' main function is to conduct cutting-edge research that propels the creation of next-generation technologies with an influence that goes beyond India's boundaries.

IIT Madras identified 68 research activities across 21 technology clusters in various domains during Phase I, claims an official statement. After a thorough and exacting assessment process, specialists within the IIT Madras system shortlisted 15 Centres of Excellence, together with 23 Research Centres and 10 Research Projects, for Phase II.

IIT Madras was chosen in 2019 as part of the Government of India's IoE Scheme. This program aims to strengthen higher education institutions so they can succeed in both teaching and research. With the help of the IoE funds, IIT Madras has since successfully launched various research projects in a variety of sectors.

These research programs, which involve more than 400 academic members, cover many fields, according to an official announcement. These efforts stimulate interdisciplinary research, which has the potential to lead to important inventions, breakthroughs, and developments in key fields.

The opening of the following 15 Centers of Excellence is planned:

  • Critical Transitions in Complex Systems
  • NDE 5.0 – Industrial Assets and Process Management
  • Centre of Excellence on Molecular Materials and Functions
  • Technologies for Low Carbon and Lean Construction
  • Healthcare and Assistive Technologies
  • Maritime Experiments to Maritime Experience
  • Centre for Quantum Information, Communication, and Computing
  • Sports Science and Analytics
  • Centre for Soft Matter
  • Center of Excellence in RF, Analog, and Mixed Signal ICs
  • Atomistic Modelling and Materials Design
  • Geophysical Flows Lab
  • Centre for Cancer Genomics and Molecular Therapeutics
  • Quantum Center for Diamond and Emergent Materials
  • Energy Consortium

According to a press statement from the institute, IIT Madras has mostly used the monies supplied through the IoE Initiatives for purchasing capital equipment and paying for research-related expenses. The institute's researchers now have access to state-of-the-art facilities and technology thanks in large part to these significant expenditures. They have been able to carry out sophisticated tests and analyses as a result, pushing the limits of knowledge.