BSE Odisha Class 10th Result 2023: Achieving Academic Excellence and Celebrating District-Wise Success

 The BSE Odisha Class 10th Result for the year 2023 has been officially declared, bringing immense joy and excitement to the students who appeared for the examination. The Board of Secondary Education (BSE), Odisha, made the much-awaited announcement on May 18th, marking a significant milestone in the educational journey of these students. The Class 10 results were declared at 10 am and were made available for students to access their scorecards on the official websites of the board, namely and


With the official result declaration, students eagerly logged on to the websites to check their scorecards and learn about their performance in the examinations. The process of checking the results was made convenient through the availability of the scorecards online. Students could simply visit the official websites and input their credentials to access their individual results. It was a moment of anticipation and relief for many as they eagerly awaited their performance in the examinations.

The overall pass percentage for the High School Certificate (HSC) students in Odisha for the year 2023 was an impressive 96.04%. This accomplishment highlights the dedication and hard work put in by the students, as well as the effective teaching methodologies employed by educational institutions across the state. It is a testament to the quality of education provided and the commitment of both students and teachers towards achieving academic excellence.

The announcement of the results was a significant event in the academic calendar of Odisha. School and mass education minister, Pramila Mallik, along with other esteemed individuals, released a booklet containing the results at the BSE Odisha office in Cuttack. This gesture symbolized the official acknowledgment of the student's achievements and celebrated their hard work and perseverance throughout the academic year.

The numbers accompanying the results were quite remarkable. A total of 2,53,633 male students and 2,58,827 female students successfully passed the Odisha Board exams. This year, an outstanding 3,222 high schools achieved a 100% pass result, which is a remarkable feat in itself. The girls outperformed the boys, with a pass percentage of 97.05% compared to the boys' pass percentage of 95.75% in the HSC exams. This achievement showcases the determination and commitment of the female students to excel academically.

The grading system further highlights the performance of the students. Among the successful candidates, 4,158 regular students achieved the prestigious A1 grade, indicating their exceptional performance. Additionally, 29,838 students secured an A2 grade, showcasing their commendable performance in the examinations. A significant number of students, 77,567 and 118,750 respectively, received the B1 and B2 grades, signifying their strong academic performance.

Furthermore, the results also revealed that 121,611 students achieved the C grade, while 95,006 students were awarded the D grade. Another group of students, comprising 61,474 individuals, received the E grade, whereas 7,645 students obtained the F grade. These grades help evaluate the performance of students across different levels and provide insights into their academic abilities.

The district-wise analysis of the results showcased varying pass percentages. The district of Malkangiri recorded the lowest pass percentage of 92.63%. On the other hand, Cuttack and Jagatsinghpur emerged as the top-performing districts, achieving an impressive pass percentage of 97.99%. These variations reflect the diverse educational landscapes and the efforts put in by students and educational institutions in different regions of the state.

If there were any technical difficulties with the official websites, the students were provided an alternative method to access their scores. By simply sending an SMS to 5676750, students could receive their scores conveniently. This alternative method ensured that students could retrieve their results without any hindrance, even in case of website crashes or other technical issues.

In addition to the result declaration, the BSE Odisha provided students with an opportunity to request rechecking of their answer sheets if they were dissatisfied with their results. Starting from May 23rd, students had the option to apply for rechecking, allowing for a thorough review of their answer scripts to ensure accuracy and fairness in the evaluation process.

Moreover, for those students who were unable to pass the annual examination or were unable to appear despite filling up the forms, the BSE Odisha announced that a supplementary exam would be conducted. This supplementary exam aimed to provide a second chance to students who needed additional support and opportunities to improve their performance.

Reflecting on the previous year's results, the BSE Odisha Class 10th exam in 2022 saw remarkable achievements as well. With an overall pass percentage of 90.55%, over 5.17 lakh students successfully cleared the examination. Among them, 8,119 students were awarded the prestigious A1 grade, and 54,889 students secured the A2 grade. The performance of students in the C and D grades was also notable, with 76,139 students passing in the C grade (50-60%) and 1,16,262 students passing in the D grade (40-50%).

The declaration of the BSE Odisha Class 10th Result 2023 marked an important milestone in the academic journey of countless students across the state. It served as a testament to their hard work, dedication, and resilience throughout the academic year. The exceptional performance and high pass percentages showcased the commitment of students, teachers, and educational institutions toward achieving academic excellence.

As students received their scorecards and celebrated their achievements, the BSE Odisha encouraged them to continue their educational journey with enthusiasm and determination. The results were a stepping stone toward their future endeavors, opening doors to higher education and various career opportunities.

The BSE Odisha Class 10th Result 2023 not only provided a glimpse into the individual achievements of students but also highlighted the overall progress and growth of the educational landscape in the state. It reinforced the importance of quality education, effective teaching methodologies, and the continuous support of parents, teachers, and educational authorities in shaping the future of the students.

With the declaration of the results, the focus now shifts to the next steps in the academic journey of these students. The BSE Odisha, along with schools and educational institutions, will continue to provide guidance and support to students as they embark on their chosen paths, whether it be pursuing higher education or exploring vocational opportunities.

In conclusion, the BSE Odisha Class 10th Result 2023 brought a sense of accomplishment and pride to the students who appeared for the examination. It showcased their hard work, determination, and academic prowess. The high pass percentages, district-wise variations, and grading system provided valuable insights into the performance of students and the educational landscape in Odisha. As these students move forward, the results serve as a reminder of their achievements and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead in their academic and professional journeys.